May 6, 2022

Suffolk police release new details about first 4 Gilgo victims

The Suffolk County Police Department on Thursday released new details about the first four Gilgo Beach victims

Published by Newsday

February 15, 2022

Gilgo Homicide Investigation Task Force Created

Commissioner Rodney Harrison creates a task force of local, state & federal agencies to solve the case.

Published by Newsday

December 31, 2021

Potential Release of 911 Call Tapes

Commissioner Rodney Harrison considers releasing Gilgo Homicide 911 tapes to the public.

Published by Newsday

December 31, 2021

Commissioner Tours Gilgo Beach Homicide Investigation Site

Commissioner Rodney Harrison visited the location for the first time and conferred with investigators.

Published by News12 Brooklyn

December 8, 2020

Suffolk County Police Department Releases Evidence Photos

Photographs of a leather belt believed to be tied to Gilgo Beach suspect are released.

Published by New York PIX11

December 7, 2020

Suffolk Cops Release New Pics of Belt in Gilgo Beach Probe

Suffolk police released new images of a belt found in the Gilgo Beach investigation.

Published by Long Island Press

May 28, 2020

Gilgo Beach Jane Doe Identified As Valerie Mack

Suffolk County police released the identity of a victim in the nearly decade-old Gilgo Beach murders as Valerie Mack.

Published by Eyewitness News abc7NY